The flames have settled. The embers have smoldered. 
Your true spirit has been covered in ash. But no more. It’s time for your inner self-confidence to rise like a fiery Phoenix!
Let's address your Soul Core Wounds, so you can soar.
Get 100% Super F*cking Confident
Achieve Your Life Goals Now!
Some days you wake up and feel like you don’t serve a higher purpose.

You yearn for a clear sense of direction, but it seems like there’s an invisible barrier always in the way. 

You wish you had someone to talk to. Who would seek to understand you. And. Just. Keep. Shit. Real!

Here’s What’s Holding You Back In Life

A mental roadblock exists inside of your mind. A past trauma perhaps. Haunting your memories. And holding you back in your current life like some sort of evil spector.

Although you can’t put your finger on exactly what that roadblock is … I can assure that it’s 100% f*cking real.

And the truth is …
You’re never going to achieve your life goals as long as this evil spectre continues to lurk in your past and haunt your present existence.

If you want to move forward in any area of life, you’ve got to banish this ghost from your memories. Wipe the slate clean.

The Evil Spectre Lurking In Your Mind Haunts Your Current Existence In A Variety Of Ways

👹 Your friendships and romantic relationships suffer …

👹 Your professional aspirations vanish right before your eyes …

👹 Your entrepreneurial interests never see the light of day …

👹 Things that you want in life just seem to keep on passing you by ...

It’s time for this phenomenon to end. 

 So you can finally realize your personal worth in this f*cking world and live the life of your dreams!

I’m going to help you unleash your inner Phoenix, so you can slay this evil spectre once and for all!

Hi, friend, my name is Jo Huang

I hope you don't mind me calling you friend because that’s what we’re gonna have to be if I’m going to aid you on your journey to getting 100% confident.

You might be wondering what makes me qualified to assist you in this area, and I don’t blame you for being somewhat skeptical.

But if you’ve made it this far it’s safe to say that you’ve probably relied on a friend or family member … maybe even a co-worker for a shoulder to lean on.

In spite of their best efforts, you always end back at square one. Something blocking you from confidence and success.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure those people in your life meant well.

However, they lack the skills and tools to help you get momentum, build on that effort, and sustain it.

And the skills and tools that I bring to the equation can help you feel 100% self confident ... for life!

Here’s Why I Can Give You A Much Stronger Shoulder To Lean On & Why Addressing Your Soul Core Wounds Will Set You Free
For starters, I was a lot like you.

I struggled with my self-confidence for a long time.

It stopped me from reaching my personal, professional, and business goals too.

As a result, I felt like something more was missing from my life. Like I was broken inside or incomplete.  

At one point, things got so bad that I couldn’t finish normal activities. I struggled to finish a book. Couldn’t actively listen to my favorite podcast. I was getting nowhere fast. And it was driving me batshit crazy! 

Over time, through my work in coaching, counseling and self development, I developed a way to become Loveable AF myself.  Stand up.  Be bigger.  Own my fab.  Own me.

I shared this approach with a friend.

Then I helped two more friends.

Before I knew it … I helped more than 25 people gain self-confidence and move forward in life following my system.

So, I gave this system a name. 

It’s called …

Loveable AF Now
What’s the AF stand for?

As F*ck of course!

And that’s exactly how your personal, professional, or entrepreneurial life is going to feel after you get through my program.

It’s a program that will help your self-confidence rise from the ashes.

Here’s the journey you’re going to take that will allow you to identify your Soul Core Wounds and unleash your inner Phoenix. It's a journey that will pull you up from the depths of Hell, and ascend you to the heights of Heaven. 

 This powerful series of trainings will transform your life, your finances, your health and your CONFIDENCE FOR GOOD.
Kathryn Porritt
Showcase Your Brilliance
Once you get through my Soul Core Wounds training, it’s gonna feel like you're unstoppable.

And you should.

Because you'll finally be ready to move forward in life.

This Process Works For Anyone Committed To Getting Results

When it comes to self-confidence there's usually some toxic belief, some traumatic memory, or some other mindset issue that's holding you back.

But you can't get past the issue if you don't do the work that helps your secret spectre materialize.

The Loveable AF program forces you to expose that ghost once and for all.

This way you can banish it from your life!

Your Life Will Never Be The Same
If you've been struggling with a romantic relationship … you'll know if it makes sense to stick around for the long haul, or head for the hills.

If you're trying to climb the corporate ladder, you'll discover the ONE thing that's been holding you back. This way you can move forward.

If you've been procrastinating about starting your own business, you'll be able to focus in on the right steps to get things moving forward.
what's Inside
If you keep doing the things you've always done, nothing's gonna change.  Leaning on the same old shoulders will yield the same old results … Perhaps you enjoying a noticeable flash of change, but nothing sustainable. If you want to fill your proverbial sails with the powerful winds of life-altering change, then you've got to rely on a proven system.

I'm going to provide that system for you.

Inside, I’ll guide you through 4 weeks carefully designed to spark your transformation at the deepest level.  With my quick videos and simple assignments to provoke lasting change, you'll identify your pain, stop self-sabotaging and know without a doubt your place in the world. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:
In this first session, you’ll discover how your Soul Core Wounds hold you back.  You'll uncover your conscious versus your unconscious mind, identify your negative beliefs and toxic emotions,  and discover that it is possible to change your "destiny." 
Deep inside you, your wounds are holding you back.  But, you're here to face your skeletons head on, and bravely make change.   It's time for self discovery this week, while we uncover your signature Soul Core Wound and begin the process of self-discovery to who you really are at the heart of your being.
We have looked at your past, and now it's time to turn to the present.  In this session, we make a conscious decision to change or heal your Soul Core Wound so you can can powerfully and intentionally move forward.
There's no exploring for the sake of exploring here.   Unlike therapy, we need to dig in to why you’re stuck and why you’re self sabotaging which can be very healing and validating. But validation can only go so far.  We go deeper, and find your truth and in this session you will claim it for yourself.
 You know what’s been holding you back. You know how it’s impacted you. And you know how it’s kept you from being your biggest most badass powerful self. The stakes are high. In this session,  it’s time to release yourself from the chains of your own wounding.  Free yourself from the toxic emotions, negative beliefs, and Soul Core Wounds. 
Healing is an ongoing journey. You’ve released layers of it and can feel it loosening it's grip on you.   But, this is just the start!  You need to take fierce action to really release yourself from your Soul Core Wounds.   In this session, you get the tools to continue to move forward positively.
​6 videos that show you EVERYTHING you need to identify and release you from your Soul Core Wounds
​​6 Short Homework Assignments that reveal deep truths about yourself, help you release limiting beliefs, and clarify your path to success 
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